Friday, April 23, 2010

Sherlock Holmes

Hey there. This time I did a pin up girl based off the stories of Sherlock Holmes. :D

So as always I started with a sketch. I did this on my tablet.

Then I went to a line art. The face and hair is not outline because I didn't want them to look flat.

Unfortunately, I forgot to save the flat colour and all that in between, so I can really only show you the girl finished..
Sorry... :(

Then I added a simple background.

Hope you like it. :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Hi there!

This time I did a pin up based off of the Dexter novels. Yes, they were novels before the show started. *Sigh*
Anyways. This isn't Dexter.. obviously. This is one of his victims.. before he chops them up into little pieces. :D

So, I started with a sketch. Which I did on my tablet, cause I need the practice, and it's so much fun.

After a bit more sketchy layers, I got to the clean line art of the girl. I really just wanted to outline the girl, and keep the background pretty loose.

Then the flat colour of the girl. I didn't do a flat colour of the background.

Then I did the background with like a smokey, dirty look. And the table just by eye. No measuring or anything.
Shaded the skin, try to make her look like she's probably been sitting there for awhile.. despite her position.
I think I did a little better with the hair this time around. I'm still playing around with it. Red hair is much easier to do though.

I went in a few directions after this stage... I'm just gonna show them all.

First I wanted to show the pictures that Dexter tapes up before the victim's. The pictures are of the ones they killed. It's like part of his ritual. Also! Blood. :D

After that, I put the plastic wrap around the girl, because that's what Dexter does to keep them in place.

I started not liking the pictures up on the wall. They just looked out of place. No matter what I did to them... So I took them off. And added blood to the background. :)

Then I added in some little dotted highlights. I thought it kind of looked pretty.

Okay, so after all that. I took the plastic wrap off, cause it looked kind of wrong. And the highlights are gone too, cause she's suppose to be dead. Dead things aren't suppose to be all shiny.

And that is my Dexter pin up girl. :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Hey there!
Welcome to my new blog. So, basically, this blog is going to consist of pin up girls, themed as whatever I feel like theming them as. Movies, books, television shows, ect.. Mainly books. Cause I read.. a lot.
So, for my first blog, I chose to theme my pin up girl off of Anne Rice's vampire series. Specifically Lestat's character.

Lestat was probably my favorite character.. aside from Claudia. Evil children are awesome.

The idea is, it's suppose to be like a cover for the book. The book being "The Vampire Lestat", since that one is more centered around Lestat.

So, on to the picture!
This is just one of the sketches I did. A handful of them were much more messy and hard to follow. I tried cleaning this one up for you guys so that you could sort of see my whole process.

Yeah, I know, really rough.
Next one is the clean line art. This came after tweaking the sketch a few more times.

Then the flat colour and a simple grey background with a purple lighting.

Finished arts!

Yeah, I skipped a lot of steps on the last one there. But I think you get the idea.

Incase you don't know anything about Lestat, he's a vampire. XD Obviously. He has long, blonde hair, about shoulder length. No, Lestat is not a girl. As I said earlier; it's just a theme.
He wears nice clothes. Like really nice clothes. Sometimes he will stop mid-narration just to describe what he's wearing. He's an older vampire, so I put the pin up in a poofy white shirt, with a vest over top. Originally, I was going to put her in those weird pants with the stockings (you can kind of see the outline of that in the very first sketch), but I changed my mind, and traded it for a belt and.. well, underwear.

I don't exactly like the hair. I'm working on it, but, I find that I always do the skin realistic looking, and the hair never looks quite as realistic. Maybe it's just me. ._.

I'll probably fix this up a little bit... I'll post that here.


Hii. :D
So, I changed the hair a bit. I'm still not completely happy with it. But, I really just want to post my next Pin up now. So, here it is.